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Shree Viththalesh Mandal (SVM) is established by the blessing of Anant Shree Vibhushit Dwitiya pithadhishwar Goswami Shree Kalyan rayji Maharaj Shree, And successfully Governed by Acharya vaishnavacharya dway pujya paad Goswami 108 Shree Harirayji Bavashree and Pu. Pa. Goswami 108 Shree Wagdhishji Bavashree. The functions & motives of SVM are to spread awareness about Pushtimarg and to organize different kinds of programes which includes cultural plays – dramas, spiritual “shibirs”, path & kirtans, and other extracurricular activities. For the same objectives, Shree Vitthalesh Mandal (one of the Group of Globally spread SVM) is working.

1.] Bhagwad Seva
2.] Sanskar Shibir
3.] Seva Shringar Shibir
4.] Granth Shibir
5.] Kirtan Shibir
6.] Vaishnav Seva
7.] Gau Seva
8.] Granth Prakashan
9.] Hasta likhit script of pushtimagiya E-library & in hard disk
10.] Manorath
11.] Yuva Chetna
12.] Volunteership
13.] Cultural Programs
14.] Pushti Natak Manch
15.] Raas Leela
16.] Raas Garba
17.] Kirtan
18.] Pushtimargiya Bhajan
19.] Nritya – Wadhy Shibir
20.] Social Activities
21.] Blood Donation
22.] Help for HANDICAPES
23.] Medicines, Fruits, Anna kshetra, Mahaprasad…etc..

Anyone can join this taking all the above objectives in consideration.
Members of this Mandal will be updated on their cellphones before any activity, and other details after the activity via High-Tech Technology in this High-Tech Age

Be a member of SVM. (For Registration form, contact us).